Friday, April 15, 2011

Do jobs exist anymore ? Is there really a recession ?

               Ever since last year I've been searching for the " PERFECT JOB " which I now know is not available and will never be available. There is no such thing as a perfect job, instead there a bunch of liars, scammers who call thereselves owners of businesses. This recession is making people meaner/grumpier/scammish more than ever ! Let me tell you what happened to me as to why I think these thoughts.

          I have been to several job interviews over the past few months, I've been to restaurant jobs mostly but also did like one receptionist job that paid me very low because the hours were just not enough and the boss did not pay me on time, instead she made excuses after excuses which made me eventually walk out on her oneday. I'm DONE with bogus jobs, I finally came up with the " PERFECT SOLUTION ". My girlfriend and I decided we're finally going to open up an online clothing store/boutique that we've been planning ever since last year but we were holding off on opening it; I was too busy focusing on getting job after job which never seemed to work out right for me, So I am still think of getting a job so I can finally make a decision on opening the online store so I can put my full focus on it, I hate running to interview after interview and listening to lies after lies. I now don't want to put my energy into finding a job anymore but yet to put my energy into creating my own job which would be the online store, my blog and several other projects I have coming up. 

        If your seeking to find a job CREATE ONE by investing into something you love doing, for example if you love art then start selling artwork, make a website to promote yourself. If you love selling products create an ecommerce store of whatever products you like selling. If you don't have enough funds team up with friends, family or even strangers who can become your business partners who are also interested in investing in your plans. Turn your hobby into a money maker that can help support you, and that you can actually enjoy at the same time rather than work for a grumpy old boss.


rafij said...

this problem today is decreased because of the growng it sector and bpo sector it have been great opening.

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