Friday, April 15, 2011

How To : Avoid Tax

Here are my tips :

* Open an online business, work from home.
* Work in a restaurant.
* Work as a caregiver/nurse/home health aide/maid/babysitter.
* If you like to be a handy person do lawnmowing, painting, technician/repairman.
* Open your own food cart(example : hot dog stand).
* Collect cans or scrap metal items to sell.
* If you have a truck/van become a mover and help people move out of there homes with the help of your truck/van.
* If you live in your own private house rent out a couple rooms if any are not being used and collect extra money from that.
* Work as a dog walker, cat sitter(basically if you love any animals you can open your own animal daycare in your home).

Paying income taxes can be really depressing so I hope my tips have helped you to avoid tax.


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