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How To : Become A Permanent Resident & Receive Your Green Card

Guest Post by : Tina

Want to know how to become a Permanent Resident in America and receive your Green Card ? Well I will outline all the steps necessary to become a Permanent Resident.

In order to be eligible to become a Permanent Resident in the United States you must fit in one of the categories :

Green Card Through Family - A family member can apply for you whether it's your wife/husband or a sister, brother, mother, dad, aunt, uncle, cousin and etc.

Green Card Through a Job - Your employer can apply for you if your currently employed.

Green Card Through Refugee or Asylee Status - CLICK HERE for detailed information.

Plus there are Other Ways to Get a Green Card which are :

    • Amerasian Child of a U.S. Citizen
    • American Indian Born in Canada
    • Armed Forces Member
    • Cuban Native or Citizen
    • Diversity Immigrant Visa Program
    • Haitian Refugee
    • Help HAITI Act of 2010
    • Indochinese Parole Adjustment Act
    • Informant (S Nonimmigrant) 
    • Lautenberg Parolee
    • Legal Immigration Family Equity (LIFE) Act
    • Person Born to Foreign Diplomat in United States
    • Registry
    • Section 13 (Diplomat)
    • Special Immigrant Juvenile
    • Victim of Criminal Activity (U Nonimmigrant)
    • Victim of Trafficking (T Nonimmigrant)
    For information about the special categories below, see under the “Family,” Working in the U.S.” and “Humanitarian” links to the right.    
    • Nicaraguan and Central American Relief Act (NACARA)

    Green Cards Through Special Categories of Jobs

    • Afghan/Iraqi Translator
    • Broadcaster
    • International Organization Employee
    • Iraqi Who Assisted the U.S. Government
    • NATO-6 Nonimmigrant
    • Panama Canal Employee
    • Physician National Interest Waiver
    • Religious Worker

    Green Cards Through Special Categories of Family

    • Battered Spouse or Child (VAWA)
    • K Nonimmigrant (includes fianc√©(e))
    • V Nonimmigrant
    • Widow(er)

Now that you have all that information on how to know if your eligible you will need to acquire the forms needed to fill out to apply. All the forms are on the website which is
Visit the site and read up more on how much the fees are for what documents you will need when applying.

All the forms have an instruction form so if you have no idea what to do or want to be sure when filling out the form print the instruction forms as well. They are very detailed so no need to worry about making a mistake.

Now something that some people think they may need is an attorney to fill out the forms which is NOT necessary. However you can use an attorney to double check the forms after you fill them out just to make sure if you don't feel like you have filled them out correctly. Usually people fill out these forms with ease, save money and fill out the forms yourself rather than turn to an attorney who doesn't even fill them out, they use there assistant and charge very high.  

Well that's pretty much it, good luck on receiving your Permanent Resident/Green Card.

Credits for this post :
Written by Tina
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