Saturday, June 25, 2011

How To : Make Money Online & Offline

Written By : Tina

Want to know how to make money online & offline ? Here are my suggestions :

Ways to make money ONLINE

  • SELL YOUR CLOTHES ONLINE ! At Shop Fashun's website you can shop for clothes and earn points but ALSO earn CASH or Store Credit by selling your clothes directly to them online. There the first and only online store to do this so make sure to visit there website and SIGN UP.
  • CREATE A BLOG to earn MONEY ! I use for my blog and you can add Google Adsense to your blog to earn revenue. Once your blog starts to gain popularity you can even start earning up to 5, 6 figures. From there search fro blog sites which pay you to blog about advertisers' products or website.
  • BECOME A YOUTUBE PARTNER - Sign up for and create videos on any topic that interests you whether beauty, fashion, electronics, review stuff, making funny videos and the list goes on. You can gain a good audience from youtube and eventually become a Youtube Partner which will enable you to earn money from your videos.
  • EBAY - Have old junk you want to sell ? Or electronics ? Anything vintage ? Sell on
  • CRAIGSLIST - This site is great for selling cars, electronics, furniture and etc. If you would rather earn cash in person try
Ways to make money OFFLINE

  • SELL PEOPLES' CARS - If you see a car being sold(with a price written on it), contact the person selling the car and ask them if they want help in finding someone to buy their car. If the person says yes then you can go ahead and seek someone who may buy their car. You should only do this if the seller agrees with you on what profit you will gain.
  • COLLECT BOTTLES TO EARN MONEY - If you really need the money then collecting bottles will really help you. The best thing to do is drive around and collect bottles. DO NOT just collect bottles from peoples' yard by walking without your car nearby, if you really want to earn a profit you will have to have a car.


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