Saturday, July 9, 2011

Risky humor with The Boondocks

Content by Buford Sosa

The Boondocks is an animated show that was created by Aaron McGruder. It focuses on the adventures of Riley and Huey when they move away from the inner city to go live with their grandfather in suburbia. The brothers are opposites. Huey is calm and is usually the voice of reason. He seems wise beyond his age of ten. On the other hand, Riley is the 8-year-old trouble maker. Riley can be found getting into some trouble almost every episode.

Their grandfather is Robert and the kids refer to him as Granddad. He is trying his best to raise the boys to be responsible and sometimes loses his cool with them. There is also Uncle Ruckus. Despite being black, Uncle Ruckus seems to hate black people. This brings a unique sense of comedy to the show. The character of Uncle Ruckus is often made the focus of jokes and doesn't even realize what is happening.

I love watching The Boondocks on my satellite TV from The show specializes in risky humor and isn't afraid to tackle tough issues and make light of them. Despite being a cartoon the show seems to be aimed more at an adult audience. It is truly a joy to watch.


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